Make Up for Sensitive Skin

Have a character with costume requirements (or suggestions) that include partial or full make up?  Have sensitive skin to one degree or another?  Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.  Here are the steps that what work well for me and other LARPers I’ve spoken to on this issue:

Creating a Costume

Thankfully there are already a few good articles out there on this; here are a couple of my favorites. Post 1 Post 2 I have been asked multiple times on where I got my costume and how I designed it.  What gets me is whenever even regular LARPers, cosplayers, or Rennies use wording that makes…

Recovering from LARP

You did it!  You completed your first LARP event!  How do you feel?  Hehe, you’re dealing with what we like to call Post-LARP-Coma.  Symptoms often include exhaustion, hangry-ness, soreness, and stiffness.  Expect these symptoms to be combined with the

Character Creation: Simple Q & A

There are certain questions that every sentient being, unless they have amnesia, will have answers to.  They’re simple and they’re often forgotten because of their simplicity.  Some your character won’t want to share, some you will never be asked, and some you will be asked on a frequent basis.  Here are some examples of questions you…

Preparing for LARP

You’re going for it, the LARP is just a few days away, you’ve read my packing list, you’ve registered for the game, you’ve submitted a starter character with the realization that you may end up scrapping it once you’ve played with the system and realized what may fit you better…and now you’re both hyped and nervous. What if you don’t have fun?

Here are the things I always make sure I do the days leading up to a LARP: